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Scott Jordan


Sturdy and durable, solid, stable wood foundation that fits any frame – replaces a box spring. Upholstered with organic cotton knit quilted to pure wool.

Scott Jordan


Breathable cover made with 100% organic cotton quilted to 100% pure Plein Air wool for a cool, dry sleep climate - made from certified chemically safe materials.

Natural Mattresses

At Scott Jordan Furniture Inc., we offer mattresses that provide comfortable, ergonomically sound support, made from durable, non-toxic materials and are fairly priced consistent with the high quality of the materials employed.

We are very proud to be recognized by the Mattress Underground site as a source for high quality, safe and reasonably priced mattresses. We encourage anyone shopping for a new mattress to visit the Mattress Underground site. The mattresses that we offer are manufactured by a small workshop in California; Berkeley Ergonomics.

Our sleep solutions incorporate not only comfort and alignment, but easy breathing and a holistic approach to sleep as a vital part of a human’s well being. Visit Scott Jordan Furniture today at the Brooklyn Navy Yard – Building 280 – 6th floor (closest entrance is at Flushing Ave & Cumberland Streets), or call us at 212 620 4682 and work with one of our mattress experts.

Our Production Process

Our production process is a blend of traditional wood working integrated with computer aided design and manufacturing techniques. This process, enabled by the nature of computer controlled manufacturing, returns a bit of the cabinetmaking methods of two hundred years ago. We achieve efficiencies making one piece at a time.

Customized Designs

We are happy to make modifications to our designs where practical to suit a particular need. Indeed much of our work is customized variations on our standard repertoire. We invite your visit to our loft to see examples of our work in person and discuss your particular needs.

We Are New York's Premier Source For Bedroom Furniture

We produce a significant portion of the wood furniture that we offer at our workshop located in the former Brooklyn Navy Yard. Our production focuses on producing solid wood residential furniture. Our materials; often cherry, walnut, maple or oak, are sourced locally.

We employ traditional, time tested, construction techniques; mortise and tenon joints, dovetailed drawers; all hallmarks of fine craftsmanship that we have strived to achieve for 35 years.

Our finishing process employs plant oils, waxes and resins; the entire process deemed safe both for our employees as well as our clients. It is important to us, the makers, who labor every day in the shop, that our work contain no toxic substances and that none be employed in our process.

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