Smart Beds LETTO Murphy Bed with desk, work in comfort…

Columbo-Desk-Bed-System-OPEN750PSAt Scott Jordan Furniture we are space saving experts and can easily tailor a Murphy style bed for your interior and your interior needs.  Smart Beds Letto Murphy Bed with desk is perfect for children in school or your new home office.  With a very minimal footprint into the room you can work unencumbered.  For example, the desk easily moves when converted into the bed configuration ready for use without moving any objects from the desk.  The computer can go on working while you rest…

Available in two sizes Dotto M, 62″ tall (no bookcase, bed @ 60″l x 83″w) or Dotto L, 70″ tall (with bookcase, bed 65″l x 83″w)


  • - Metallic details color embossed in sturdy, light aluminum for ease of use
  • - Cabinetry made from multri-strat wood with veneers in cherry, walnut, maple, wenge, oak-white, or white

Letto Murphy style bed with desk, click on picture to see enlarged detail view