Making it in NYC: the Era of New Manufacturing – Upcoming Exhibit At BLDG 92

Photograph of furniture makers at Scott Jordan Furniture

from left: Mark Raff, Richard Raynor, Scott Jordan, Eduardo Serrano, Collvin Turner, Pablo Redondo (seated) – in rear: James Mann, Rico Fernando. Photo:Randy Duchaine

BLDG 92, the Brooklyn Navy Yard Center, presents “Making it in NYC: the Era of New Manufacturing”  starting May 16th at their facility housed in the recently renovated former Marine Corp Commandant’s quarters at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Brooklyn photographer Randy Duchaine photographed our workshop team as well as other workshops featured in the exhibit.

ProducerNY is creating the accompanying video for the exhibit.

From BLDG 92’s announcement of the exhibit:
“A new generation of entrepreneurs is driving a revolution in product design and business development. Collectively, they’re known as the maker movement. This exhibit helps shine light on the growing nationwide phenomenon, and focus it on the disruptive power of the artisans, techies and traditional manufacturers who represent “new manufacturing” here in New York City.”

“BLDG 92 explores this story on behalf of BNYDC, as it relates specifically to job creation, and that transition point when the designer becomes the entrepreneur seeking to produce at volume. As you meet these local makers, consider their challenges and, ask how we might see new manufacturing grow into a robust and resilient ecosystem with potential to provide inclusive opportunity for all New Yorkers.”

More information available at BLDG 92’s site.