Environmentally responsible manufacturing

Our products are produced in an environmentally responsible manner

Nearly everything that we offer is American made from American hardwoods sustainably harvested from regional forests. Our furniture is made in our own workshop located in the former Brooklyn Navy Yard and by several other concerns located primarily in the Northeast.

Our mattresses are made by a socially-conscious small California workshop that adheres to a higher environmental standard than any other maker in the bedding industry. All of the components used are rated “baby safe”. Our mattresses contain no harmful additive chemicals.

Our products are locally produced

The only products that come from outside of the US are  chairs that we make to our designs with a small shop in northeast Italy with whom we have worked for many years and who make chairs of superlative quality that we have not been able to recreate in the US at any price.

We offer only products that we believe in and that we know to be well made of sound materials that are obtained in a environmentally sound manner.

There are many details in the manufacture of any product that are not easily known by the consumer. Many of these details affect how well the product will perform and what effect its manufacture had on the environment.

Under what conditions did the people who made the product work?

Did the maker use toxic substances in the process that they disposed of in a way that would be damaging to our environment or to the workers employed in the process?

Were the materials obtained in a manner that damaged the ecology of their source?

Did the maker take many shortcuts in the manufacturing process that would not become apparent until the product failed, maybe only weeks into its service life?

These are questions that consumers might consider before making purchases of things that they hope will serve them for many years. We encourage any prospective client to question how our products are made and what they contain. We are only too happy to explain their construction and content.

Advantages of buying locally

We feel that there is a natural correlation between the proximity of the producer and consumer and product quality. Why? When the supply chain is long, stretching sometimes to the other side of the world and passing through the hands of many middlemen, it is easy to avoid blame for poor quality and to avoid questions of how well the product adheres to standards of environmentally consciousness.

Shortening the distance between producer and consumer tends to increase quality.

Buying locally made products has the added economic benefit of circulating the economic activity closer to home. There is diminished economic benefit to a local economy when the products sold are from outside of the geographic area.