Scott Jordan Mattresses – USA Made – Top Quality Materials – Free of Harmful Chemicals – Mattress Underground Recommended


We are offer mattresses that provide comfortable, ergonomically sound support, are made from durable, non-toxic materials, are are fairly priced consistent with the high quality of the materials employed. We are very proud to be recognized by the Mattress Underground site as a source for high quality, safe and reasonably priced mattresses. We encourage anyone shopping for a new mattress to visit the Mattress Underground site. Mattress Underground is an independently managed website … [Read more...]

Stockholm – Luxury with Support, Natural & Free of Harmful Chemicals

Alpine Two Mattress

~ Two layers of high-grade German coils ~ A total of 1,500 micro coils over 1,370 base coils ~ Natural latex foam for a soft and flexible surface feel ~ Breathable wool-lined cotton cover for cool, dry sleep ~ Two firmnesses to choose from ~ dual-sided for couples ~ Ecologically healthy components, built to last Some people prefer a supportive, luxuriant feel in a mattress.  That’s why we created the Stockholm.  It still offers all the support of our other mattresses, but … [Read more...]

Oslo – Deep Contour, Reliable Support, True Comfort

Alpine 1 natural mattress

~ 1,172 interactive coils provide cushioned support ~ Natural latex foam for a soft and flexible surface feel ~ Breathable wool-lined cotton cover for cool, dry sleep ~ Two firmness choices: firm or soft ~ dual-sided for couples ~ Ecologically healthy components, built to last A new level of conforming comfort and active support The Oslo mattress begins with a base layer of individually encased interactive coils for exceptional, independent body support.  Made in Germany, these high carbon … [Read more...]

Healthy Kids Mattress – Freedom From Harmful Chemicals


Berkeley Ergonomics believes it is important for the whole family to enjoy the benefits of a healthy, well-made mattress.  That’s why they offer a simple, affordable, twin-sized mattress for children.  The Healthy Kids Mattress feature all of the same high-quality, eco-certified materials used in our adult mattresses—natural latex, pocketed German coils, organic cotton, and Merino wool. Starting at just $550, the Healthy Kids Inner Spring children’s mattresses provide value and the peace of … [Read more...]

Scott Jordan – Recommended by Mattress Underground

Mattress Underground seal

  We are proud to receive a recommendation from the Mattress Underground  site. The selection and purchase of a mattress is a very confusing process for which the average consumer has few sources to consult to gain understanding of the product and the market for mattresses. Everyone has one but no one seems to know much about them. Unfortunately for the consumer, many mattress purveyors have little to gain,  and, indeed,  much to lose, to transparency. Too often the typical … [Read more...]

All Latex Mattress – Durable, Stable, and Eco-Healthy


The All Latex Mattress from Berkeley Ergonomics is an organic,  all natural mattress, free of harmful chemicals. Berkeley Ergonomics uses only Natural latex harvested from the sap of the rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis)— originated in Brazil. This raw material is made into latex through a process of whipping the rubber together with air. Just as important as the quality of the raw material is state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, know-how, experience and quality control use to make the … [Read more...]

Oxygen Pillows Personalized for Deep Sleep


Ever wake up and not feel rested? The problem could be your pillow. Finding yourself bunching or folding your pillow, or sleeping with your arm underneath it? Not enough neck elevation, too much bulk, too little loft — most pillows don’t function well. A pillow that doesn’t keep your spine in alignment is not only a pain in the neck. It might be constricting your throat, causing breathing difficulties that affect your quality of sleep. The Oxygen Pillow was designed to provide proper alignment … [Read more...]

Oraganic Latex Pillow Top – Another layer of Coziness…


If you love an added luxurious, soft, cozy-feel to your mattress you’ll want to add our Pillow Top - Organic, free from harmful chemicals, and  Oeko-Tex certified. Many consumers have had negative experiences with expensive “pillow top mattresses” that sag well before expected. Those mattresses use poor quality polyurethane foam, effectively degrading the durability of the mattress.  Our Pillow Top features durable natural Talalay latex cushioning that wears well over time—and independently … [Read more...]

Natural Latex Sleep Wedges – Tailor your sleep-experience


For those who suffer from Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) and sleep apnea, positional therapy can mean the difference between no rest and deep, rejuvenating sleep.  To help provide relief from these conditions, Berkeley Ergonomics has designed our all-natural latex sleep wedge.   Elevated sleeping and side sleeping have been shown to alleviate symptoms of both GERD and apnea, as well as sleep-disrupting symptoms correlated to other nighttime disorders.  Our sleep wedge is a … [Read more...]