Clearance Sale – Spring 2015

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We need to liquidate a large portion of our inventory. We're making significant reductions on a variety of merchandise in order make this happen quickly. Mark-downs across the entire showroom. Big discounts on factory fresh in-stock mattresses. The best deals always go to the quick.We encourage your visit.     … [Read more...]

Scott Jordan – Recommended by Mattress Underground

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  We are proud to receive a recommendation from the Mattress Underground  site. The selection and purchase of a mattress is a very confusing process for which the average consumer has few sources to consult to gain understanding of the product and the market for mattresses. Everyone has one but no one seems to know much about them. Unfortunately for the consumer, many mattress purveyors have little to gain,  and, indeed,  much to lose, to transparency. Too often the typical … [Read more...]